Cheers to remote work, that's our kind of magic

We know how it sounds. Palm trees, waves, surf, extremely liberal with no sense of attachment or responsibility whatsoever. Sorry to disappoint you, that’s just not us. We are passionate, creative, notoriously hardworking and independent.

alt="Cute guy surfing the waves of Sri Lanka"
Surf days, are the best days.

As creatives, distractions and interruptions can be unproductive and stressful, and its sometimes easy to get bogged down by day-to-day routines and demands. Our best ideas don’t come in meeting rooms or in open office solutions during set hours, they come when we’re comfortable, relaxed and in inspiring environments. Inspiration exists outside our habitual behaviors and interests.

We have created an environment that helps us do great work. An environment that makes us productive and is better for our creative minds. For us, spending the majority of the day on our desk within four walls, is not the source of great inspiration or design. Our teams enjoy to work near the beach or in the mountains, enveloped in the soft sounds and cool breezes from the natural environment. Where we get fueled with positive and inspiring vibes, that makes us more productive, happier and inspired. Our favorite part as a team scattered all over the world is the cultural diversity, daily conversations with people on several continents, and the adventure of creating sweet design and creative solutions that crosses borders.

alt="girl after surf in palm trees sri lanka"
Working remote has taken us to amazing places, introduced us to new culture and made us meet people we probably never would otherwise. And we have had a lot of laughs. Damn we are privileged to live this life. Cheers to remote work, that's our kind of magic!

We learned that it’s highly valuable to take time to step away from the screens, but of course, it’s not all sunshines and flowers, and remote collaboration is never perfect. But at the end of the day, we are just honored and grateful that we get to work and surround ourselves with people that fuels us with positive and inspiring vibes. It creates this magical feeling of being in a dream you never really want to end.

alt="Team retreat Noise Studio two guys on the beach in Norway"
From last summer when we ran away from the heat to have a team retreat in Norway.

We live, and then we work, with a great amount of passion - and it should never have to be any other way.

Cheers and happy life!  

— Noise Studio

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We're a creative agency for sports and outdoors. It's what we love doing and are passionate about.

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