13 Nordic Sports Tech Companies You Should Know

The Nordic Sports Tech scene is developing at lightning fast speed and new accelerators, programs, events, awards and initiatives are driving the growth and creating a broad nordic ecosystem. Sweden got their first Sports Tech accelerator this spring. In Denmark, Rainmaking and DIF arranged a 24 hours Sports Tech hackaton in May and Copenhagen is opening its first Sports Tech Hub later this year. Smash in Finland, is gaining a lot of traction with their events Smash London, Smash Turku and Smash Helsinki. And Norway is famously mixing Extreme Sports and the Nordic startup system at Startup Extreme. Finally, we have the Nordic Sports Tech community that aims to connect, grow and push the scene even further. Things are exciting!

These stakeholders are not alone in discerning the stage, hundreds of start-up companies are creating possibilities with technology which were unimaginable a few years ago. Innovations like smart wearables, electric surfboards, intelligent cameras, performance tracking and analytic solutions change how we understand, interact and consume sports. Here are 13 awesome Nordic Sports Tech companies you should know.


Headquarters: Trondheim, Norway

Founded: 2017

Wiral’s first product, Wiral LITE, is a versatile, lightweight and easy cable cam system that makes amateur filming look professional. It’s designed to create unique, dynamic shots and it’s an awesome accessory for film production, sports, lifestyle and coaching, both indoors and outdoors. Their mission is to empower a new generation of creators to expand their potential and reinvent how people tell their stories.


Headquarters: Limhamn, Sweden

Founded: 2017

Awake’s stunning electric carbon surfboard promises good surfing even on flat water. The 2019 Red Dot Award-winning board can hit speeds up to 30 mph, making it a truly exhilarating watercraft. The rider can control the board via a handheld throttle and the Awake mobile app to customize the power output between four different ride modes, from relatively tame to wildly aggressive.


Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Founded: 2017

The Danish team behind TheMagic5 has reinvented the swimming goggle. The Magic5 team creates a custom fitting goggle that is comfortable to wear and prevent water leakage using their Optimal Fitting Technology. The user only has to download the Magic5 app, complete a face scan, choose color and mirror option, and send the request and the Magic5 team will create a perfect pair of swimming goggles.


Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: 2015

If you are like us and stopped working out at gyms and started running just because it is simpler, Bruce will change your life. With Bruce, you will no longer be locked to one gym or one studio. Bruce offers a pass that gives you access to sports activities over 300 gyms and studios around Sweden. Do yoga on Monday mornings, hit the gym on Wednesdays, and go swimming in the weekend. Bruce makes finding and booking classes effortless. Now you have no excuses!

Oura Ring

Headquarters: Oulu, Finland

Founded: 2013

Oura is the world’s first wellness ring and app that shows how your body responds to your lifestyle by analyzing your sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses in your body. The ring collects highly accurate data about the body by measuring your blood temperature, blood volume, pulse, and detecting both the amplitude and intensity of how your body moves. The information is initially collected over a period of days and sets a personal baseline from which to help you decide how well you sleep or if you’re meeting fitness goals. In 2016, Oura won the 2016 CES Innovation Award.


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2014

Rokoko is a leader in smart clothing and human motion data. Their product the Smartsuit Pro, which is a sensor-based motion capture wireless body suit, allows you to track your every move. Making motion tracking possible for anybody, anywhere. Besides being a tool for creating content, the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro has been used for the treatment of children with autism, live interactive theatre performances and research within rehabilitation and physical therapy.


Headquarters: Bergen, Norway

Founded: 2018

Sknow from Think Outside is a new radar-based sensor technology for digitalization of snow and rethinking avalanche safety. The radar sensor placed on your ski, coupled with advanced machine learning processing and AI will visualize the snow underfeet of you, will be trained to recognize layers and identify potential hazards in the snow. This will enable better decision making for skiers in avalanche terrain, giving them the freedom and confidence to explore the backcountry with peace of mind and ultimately help save lives.


Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: 2012

FishBrain, "Facebook for fishing", won the best app award at the Yahoo! Sports Technology Awards a few weeks back. FishBrain is the largest and fastest-growing online community for the world’s most popular hobby: recreational fishing. The app allows users to log trips, share catches and browse crowd-sourced information about weather, sightings and fishing hot-spots. Premium users can also access data analysis to improve their performance.


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2016

Hooves is built around making the most expensive sport in the world more accessible by bringing horses into the sharing economy. Their vision is to make the equestrian sport more accessible and affordable and make everything around sharing a horse easier. The Hooves app lets you search for potential matches, plan and communicate through a management tool, and insure everything – the horse, the rider and equipment - currently, over 12,000 horse people use the Hooves app in the Nordics.


Headquarters: Malmö, Sweden

Founded: 2015

Twiik is an online coaching platform that connects professional fitness-, wellness- and mental coaches, trainers, gyms and fitness influencer with clients looking for the perfect workout, fitness challenge or course. Twiik makes it easy to find, compare and book a coach, gym or find a workout plan, and get an overview of their training analytics, whether recorded manually or with a smart device. Activity providers can access Twiik to create plans and workouts, manage their business and communicate with their clients.


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2017

JABii, a game-changing startup, is challenging people to be more active by rethinking movement and eSport. They fuse physical and digital play into an interactive experience through their first product - an interactive boxing device that encourages more active play by combining boxing with a digital mobile game. The user is able to set up matches, track moves and record fights through real-time AR.


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2014

Tonsser is Europe’s largest football performance app, aimed at youth soccer players who want to build their own online profile and potentially get discovered by a bigger club. Players can create a profile, tracking their performance and connect with other players, clubs and scouts. Tonsser wants to make it easier for young soccer talent to become better players by learning and being inspired by each other and through sponsored competitions and soccer skills content. Their mission is to create a transparent and connected football industry where talent is identified by data, and players gain access to the opportunities reflective of their potential.


Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2015

Veo interactive video player lets you record and stream your football match without a camera operator. By encasing two 4K cameras on a four meter tripod just outside the pitch’s halfway line, the Veo player provides a panoramic match view. The player's AI video system, using neural networks and computer vision, gives automized panoramic, ball detector and player detector views. In addition, the streaming platform contains analytical and sharing features enabling all users to access and utilize the content and watch the footage of the match and mark their own highlights. Veo’s vision is to democratize the video broadcasting and analytics that today only are available for the professional teams.

As we said, things are exciting!

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and inspiration from the Sports Tech world.

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