What makes Noise Noise and just not another creative studio

Noise is a creative studio at the intersection of sport, design and technology. But what makes us different from other studios?

alt="Surfer surfing in the fjords with mountains on the side"

1. We nerd obsessively on the Sports Tech scene and work with people and brands we admire and feel fortunate working with. It is what we love doing and are passionate about.

2. We believe one have to be able to think the unthinkable in order to disrupt. We prefer diving into the unknown over sticking to what’s familiar and comfortable. We help you find a new way to differentiate yourself from the competition while still making sense.

3. We foster an it’s all about the group attitude. We believe real innovation is built through diversity and from people who think differently. To create great work we collaborate with a creative and global team who assist us with their mind, time and creativity.

4. We are small which means we can move quickly, skip the traditional route and experiment. We are young and used to coming up against more established people. We punch way above our weight.

5. Finally, but most importantly, everything we create, we create with a great amount of passion, and it should never have to be any other way.

Noise Studio is a creative agency that specializes in digital strategy, branding and design for sport brands & sports tech. You can follow us on Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Linkedin and Twitter. Like us today and we will love you forever.

We're a creative agency for sports and outdoors. It's what we love doing and are passionate about.

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