A chat with Ida Bjerga

There are some who think more like designers, and others who are focuses on the business side of things. Ida, our Managing Director, has a Master in Applied Economics and Finance and a digital background, consulting startups in the tech environment - but is really energized by concepting and designing human-centered design and evocating experiences that gets people more active and outdoors.

Noise Studio: Hey Ida, what defines good design?

Ida: Good design is about solving problems, telling stories, creating relationships and making people fall in love with you. It's important to create something that brings meaning to the society and to design for and consider people when creating digital products. How can we challenge the spaces and mechanism that gave us tech addiction and physical inactivity and how can the digital product add to user’s physical experience, instead of the other way around?

Great design should also stand out. While many people do amazing work out there, I don't want us to be like any of them. I'm tired off seeing the same, minimalistic design, and feel the urge to create design that is somewhat different and slightly offbeat. Something that stands out, that stirs the adventurer in people - something people go to bed thinking about.

What is your design philosophy? How do you ensure ideas/messages get through to users/viewers?

There are no single approach, but I try to keep the focus on good collaboration in order to create great work. Our role as creatives is to steer the product from idea to final execution, but we need to work together with the client to realize what the product does for the end user and how we can create a business strategy out of it. I believe when designers, strategists and clients work together to identify the digital strategy of a product, we create a new vision, the design outcome becomes better, and we can make something meaningful.

What are your biggest influence (e.g. culture, history, study, sport, designer)? How does that work into your design?

I'm inspired by Japanese design, typography and fine lines - I like style which is attention-grabbing for the right reasons, concepts which are chaotic, but with a subdued yet striking aspect within the chaos.

On the other hand, I've always had a particular interest in sports, the outdoors and adventurous journeys. At Noise, we strive to produce visuals and products that exemplify and inspire to an active life, outdoor lifestyle and adventourness by adhering to the collective desire of “chasing curiosity forever and ever”.

How can design improve sports?

I have, for as long as I can remember, had this urge to do all the different sports I love and to explore the outdoors. For me, nothing in the world beats the feeling of being active with my friends, all around the world. And I’ve realized how crucial this is for me to stay healthy and fueled with positive energy. But what inspires people to exercise, be active and go outside? This is something I’ve been giving a lot of though to this last year, as I’ve been delving into a trend that seems to have an affect on how, where and why we work out - namely the rise of sports tech.

It’s crucial to make people curious about sports, the outdoors and exercising, especially those who are not interested at all. I believe we can achieve this through meaningful design and effective communication. We have to build products and solutions that go beyond shallow metrics like clicks, minutes and followers, and start building purposeful products that measure things like personal health, emotion and well-being. Good design can make us aware of how our lifestyle is and create behavioral change.

And finally, whats your thing?

My idea for a dreamy life is quite simple - I want to rise with the sun, swim in the ocean, run in the mountain, doze in the hammock and eat açaí all day every day 🌴🌊 Adventure is everywhere people, go out and explore 🙌🏼.

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