Don't let creativity die, go out and explore

As designers, we are hired for our creativity, we are hired because we think it ways that others don't. And the way we stand out is to stay true to who we are as people and to do what feels right for us. We trust our gut.

alt="Design photo No more boring design over wave"

We prefer diving into the unknown over sticking to what's familiar and comfortable. We keep seeking new places and new experiences. It is not calling, vocation or anything dramatic. We like to think of it more like a dream. A charge against seeing ourselves, friends, family and colleagues either uninspired or apathetic about all the interesting stuff happening around us.

At Noise, one of our core values is to take time to explore and spend time outdoors. To step away from the screen and take a break from all the endless scanning and consuming. We need clean air, pure water and to move our body, a lot. We take time to read a book, meditate, swim in the ocean or run. Slowing down and finding clarity help us create more meaningful art. We are grateful for all those moments we can spend in the water, for all those marvelous surf sessions, for the incredible power of the nature. This is what make our mind unroll onto  an immersive collage of thoughts, ideas, and experience.

Our job as creatives is to translate culture and feelings into communication and messages that make people fall in love with brands. And our ideas and design come from experiences and connections. As we get more experiences and grow, so does our work. We get inspired by what we see, but also what we learned, and we believe real innovation is built through diversity and from people who think differently. To create great work we collaborate with a creative and global team who assist us with their mind, time and creativity. This makes us learn to see things from an alternative perspective, or to form a new opinion that leads to an entirely new idea or design.

We spend our time in pursuit of experience. Don’t let creativity die. Go out and explore.

Lots of love!  

— Noise Studio

Noise Studio is a creative agency that specializes in digital strategy, branding and design for sport brands & sports tech. You can follow us on Instagram, Dribbble, Behance, Linkedin and Twitter. Like us today and we will love you forever.

We're a creative agency for sports and outdoors. It's what we love doing and are passionate about.

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