A chat with Felipe Febré

Felipe, our creative director, a Buenos Aires based designer and illustrator. Felipe endeavors to bring individuals, culture, environment, photography and societies together through the power of design. Combining digital design with free-hand illustration and typography, his style creates an aesthetic that is both inspiring and charming.

Noise Studio: Hey Felipe, what defines good design?

Felipe: Good design works. It makes a particular function happen. It solves a specific problem. It goes unnoticed, until someone says "Aha! This is brilliant". The design process is actually very similar to the scientific process. You find a problem that has no solution, make a hypothesis, and experiment different ways to solve the problem, until those tests give you a suitable solution. To create good design you need to follow the process, learn new things, make your own conclusions, define your own tools and enjoy the road of getting there - cause it is always full of unexpected things that will surprise and delight you.

What is your design philosophy? How do you ensure ideas/messages get through to users/viewers?

Experimenting and finding a new way of expression. Being creative means standing out of the normal, doing something differently, breaking the rules. To create something new, you can't follow someone else's rules or style. For me, it's very important to make mistakes, and make them often. Why? Because making mistakes is a very straight way to do stuff no one has done before. Trying, breaking, cutting, painting, using new techniques and materials, that's how new things get created. Thats why I design, to be able to create new visuals, new aesthetics, a new way to represent sports and design. I want you to imagine the possibilities of how far and wide your brand value can go.

What are your biggest influence (e.g. culture, history, study, sport, designer)? How does that work into your design?

My biggest influence is human nature. Real world, real life, real things, real conversations. I pay attention to all aspects of human life, everything that happens around me. I walk in the streets with my eyes wide open, trying to soak it all in and observe as many things as I can, from a brand campaign's new poster, to a magazine cover to a historical building. When something has called my attention, I try to understand what it is that makes this object stand out, and be unique and special to me. Maybe it is something missing? Something strange? Or a particular shape? Now and then I take a photo of it and try to make a reflexion and conclusion to why this design stood out. I think it's important to observe the things from around one's environment and meet as many people as possible. Learning from experience. Absorbs. For me, the street is the best inspiration - you'll find weird fonts, natural textures, strange colors, thousands of people - the world is fascinating.

Can you name one thing that people normally would mistake and one thing people should know about design?

People tend to ask us to "create something beautiful". I don't think about design as "beautiful" or "good", I think it should communicate and be of value. Through design the essence of a product can be caught. Communication and value should be the main goal when creating a new product and a defined concept, an idea and appealing content is key to success. And then we add the visual glitter, the colors, the shapes, typography, images - the magic. Basically, content first people!

How can design improve sports?

Sport has always played a very important role in my life and helped me in many ways. For me, sport means training, self-improvement, energy, health, friendship, happiness.. and I want that for more people. I strongly believe that great, functional design can get people more active, social, happier and healthier - increasing their physical and mental health. Through innovation and sports technology, I believe we can design for a behavioral change. Create and consider which design elements to use in a new product and service to motivate certain behaviors and discourage others, create tools and features to provide feedback and action, and monitor "success" to encourage a new course.

And finally, whats your thing?

I am a classical fanatic football enthusiast and long time player. The first thing I do in the morning is to check the news of my teams, local and international. I never miss an opportunity to get together with my group of friends to play a little match during the week or to BBQ and drink beer watching the Sunday League. And I use and obsess over all kind of football apps and digital devices. Of course.

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