Entrepreneurship That Gets You Outdoors

We are lucky and grateful to be surrounded by passionate, creative souls that constantly leave us with new perspectives on work, life and goals. That fuel us with positive and inspiring vibes and motivate us to create and work even harder.

They are our every day inspiration and have been for a decade with their projects and passion to make a real impact across the globe, their genuine love for an adventure and an ambition to get more people active and outdoors.

Let’s have a look at their projects:

Emily Hopcian

Dear Friend, ex- Roommate, Source of Inspiration #1, Powerful, Strong, Dedicated, Supportive. This kick-ass lady is one of a kind. We met a few years ago, in the overwhelmingly huge and populated city of Buenos Aires, sharing a common love for sports and the outdoors, dreaming about making a difference. Fast forward to today, Emily is a Patagonia (Argentina)-based writer and story strategist with a focus on outdoor adventure and social & environmental impact storytelling. Her stories have been published in National Geographic, REI, She Explores, with more.

Through beautiful writing, photos and videos, Emily create and share honest stories that inspire people to take action that positively impacts people and places. Right now, this fearless lady is in the Nepalese Himalayas, continuing her story on the Chhetri sisters that are empowering local women and revolutionizing the trekking industry—one female guide at a time.

Follow her journey.

Emily Hopcian


Powerful female entrepreneurship. My Serendipity Retreats is a project made by women and dedicated to women. Our dear friends, Deborah from Germany, Marina from Spain and Ylva from Norway, have created a unique culture experience and a beautiful retreat designed to empower and encourage women of all ages. A place to share, learn and grow through the passion of yoga and mindfulness.

One of their main focuses is to help the communities of local women by collaborating with female chefs, female "tuk-tuk" drivers, female yoga instructors, female surf instructors and overall seeking to involve local women to work with them on their retreats. Another important focus is traveling with awareness through supporting a sustainable and intelligent consume on their retreats and organizing beach clean-ups to give back to the ocean we all love so much.

Join their next retreat in Sri Lanka, January 2020.

My Serendipity - Women's Yoga Retreat

Vitamina Audiovisual

Vitamina Audiovisual is a production company from Argentina consisting of the talented movie makers Guido and Joaquin. Together they're on a mission to communicate through stunning footage and motion captures. Dragging you into a universe of adventure, nature, and extreme sports.

Vitamina Audiovisual specializes in inspiring movie production and commercial work, both nationally and internationally. Often in the realm of nature and sports with fearless outdoor films, remote locations, action footage and stunning images.

We are extremely proud to partner up with these skilled guys on some our creative productions.


Our first design work as a company was done in collaboration with Boretunet. Boretunet is a, slightly different type of, surf-hostel founded by the two friends, André and Peri, and sits in the calmness of Jæren on the Norwegian coast.

The Boretunet team re-used barracks from the oil-industry and built a warm, pleasant space with good energy in harmony with their surroundings. They were committed to build a space that connected with the environment, to find a way to drive profit with purpose and to produce positive social impact.

Their hostel represent a change in the mentality of the younger generations. A place to recharge and make friends. A place where one feels at ease, where the comforts of a hotel are combined with the dynamics of a hostel. André and Peri encourage you to socialize, be kind, laugh, and explore the nature and adventures of the Stavanger region - everything from surfing the beach breaks at Bore, to fishing and bird watching, or hiking the wicked mountains nearby.

Stay at Boretunet.

Boretunet - A different type of stay

Thanks friends for your entrepreneurship, ideas, innovations, support, for inspiring us every day and leaving us with new perspectives on work, life and goals❣️

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