Digital design trends in sports

We are crazy about design and we are crazy about sports. Just looking at a well crafted sports website makes us get this feeling of excitement and adrenaline. We can hear the sound of the waves, feel the enthusiasm of the football match, and get a desire to go for a run. It makes us start dreaming.

It's all about the message the website is conveying. Chill? Adventure? Challenge? Extreme? Laid-back? Premium? The point is, depending on visuals, photography, content, colors, typography, you can communicate all sorts of feelings, emotions and brand attributes.

Let's have a look at 7 digital design trends we see in sports. Check them out and be inspired.

#1: Powerful Sport-Related Imagery

With everyone trying to connect in a true way less polished, authentic images are dominating design projects. If you aim at projecting emotions onto the users, including mind-blowing imagery gets the user irrevocably hooked. This trend works because it feels more real. Adrenaline images cause an adrenaline rush and evoke emotions, and the viewers see themselves reflected in the photo.

Higher screen resolutions are making it more important than ever to have high-quality images and—even if the trending style is a little laxer—the quality of the photography should not be.

#2: Vivid, bright colors

You may have noticed the world of design feels a little more colorful lately. You are right. More brands and designers are adding colors that are intense or attention-grabbing. We don't think that you have to go all in and use one crazy, vivid color. In fact, mixing vivid colors with stronger or flatter colors will help you stand out as well.

These bold posters screams strength. Extremely fitting for an athletic display at ISPO Munich 2019 by K2. These posters definitely stood out.

#3: Powerful, bold typography

Bold fonts and typefaces have become the norm over the past years. It easy to read on social media feed or on mobile devices, as well as it instantly projects strength, innovation, and individuality. We also see the bold font become the main focal point in a lot of graphics. Especially posters, social media visuals, or flyers - graphics that has only a few seconds to grab the reader's attention.

From Adidas using it across all of their marketing:

To GoPro, which illustrates nicely that their product is robust and can handle a lot.

#4: Colorful minimalism

A new type of minimalism dominated by color and creativity. The design is typically pared down and efficient, with a simple color addition that makes it all very eye-catching. A fine line between too dull and too complex.

As this product poster from Nike:

Another great example of using colorful minimalism comes from K2's ski collection 2019:

#5: Dynamic and Complicated Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Custom or hand-drawn illustrations are an excellent way to stand out from the competition and a great way to bring life to your website. Illustrations are fun, creative and original - and you'll see more and more brands opting for custom art.

Finely detailed, cool illustration will create more interest and get people to check you out over the competition. One of the beauties of illustrations is also that you can literally draw anything and the only limit is your imagination. No other brand is going to be able to exactly replicate these visuals either.

Our designers create each of our illustrations from scratch, making us smile and laugh a lot every time.

#6. Simple layout, Retro feel

A simple layout with a retro feel. Ceviche Surf is a perfect example of how minor details such as fun illustrations, creative content and text styling can make a simple website memorable.

#7: Clear Call-To-Action

Setting up strong CTAs throughout the site to engage and excite the users, and make them perform the desired action. A neatly made CTA button with proper text on it (which is as important as a good button design) is a must.

Both examples below do this in excellent ways using square colorful bottoms on the screen.

We hope this fills you with some inspiration to create design that stands out and motivate.


 — Noise Studio

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