A guide to color in sports tech

Color matters. We all have instinctive psychological associations with certain colors. Some of these are common psychological associations, while others are individual associations created by the context of our lives. A soft shade of blue evokes calming feelings while stronger colors and shades denote strength.

If your website isn't getting the traction you want, color may be part of your problem. The site can have the best user experience, micro-interactions, call-to-actions and content, but what eventually drives a user to convert is her/his emotions and guts. Buying is often an impulsive behavior triggered by our emotions, and by the use of colors and branding, you can provoke emotions before our brains actually has time to consciously process what we are looking at.

The use of colors helps you evoke all sorts of feelings and emotions. Take the time to really understand what you want people to feel when they enter your website, then build a design that uses colors chosen to evoke those feelings and set the atmosphere for your site.

Let's have a look at what colors are associated with which types of feelings.


Promotes: strength, power.

Black exists on almost every website and is the strongest of the neutral colors. It can take on varying characteristics depending on its supporting colors, but used as a primary color it can give the impression of strength, power and edginess.


Promotes: power, energy, passion, authority, strength, stability.

Red is the most stimulating color and represents energy, power and passion. It's great as an accent for creating movement, and the color is so energizing it has been used to increase blood circulation. Red is commonly used for warning signs and important notices, but also much used for contact sports websites and aggressive website design. We often see red used together with black, and this combination often evokes a feeling of strength and power.


Promotes: calm, strength, safety, openness, reliability.

The meaning of blue varies greatly depending on the shade and combinations. All blues gives a feeling of calmness, relaxing and safety, but the lighter shades seem more friendly while the darker represent more of strength and reliability. This color is often used in travel and relaxation websites as it evokes the celestial, the tropical and water. Also extreme sport sites such as skydiving, paragliding, snowboard, skiing and surfing use this color well. Often in combination with yellow and white, representing the color of the sky, the sun, the ocean and snow.


Promotes: cool, calming, stability, environmental themes.

Green bridges the gap between warm and cool colors, which means it has the same relaxing effects of blue, but also some energizing qualities from yellow and orange. This creates a very balances and stable atmosphere. As the color of most plan life, green conveys a feeling of growth and health, and it's often seen in sites referring to environmentally friendly and healthy products, nature and calm sports, like golf.


Promotes: friendliness, energy, uniqueness.

Orange is a warm color and uniquely versatile. It can be engaging and energizing and helps to create a sensation of movement and energy. The color's warmth can evoke a fun and energetic atmosphere, and we see it often used in safety and hunting equipment.

Pastel colors

Promotes: strength, calmness, power

Usually a mix of grey, white, blue, green and light, pastel colors. The soothing effect of these color combinations summons the most peaceful associations, related to the calmness of mind and tranquility in soul. These colors are often seen on yoga and meditation sites.


No one’s expecting you to be Michelangelo, but a basic understanding of color usage is a solid prerequisite for web design. As we’ve just explained, colors can evoke different emotions and feelings and have a definite influence on the design of your page. Take the time to really understand what you want people to feel when they enter your website, and by carefully selecting your colors, you can reinforce the overall message of a site.

And that's it more or less. We hope this helps.

— Noise Studio

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