Change Comes in Waves

We love surfboards, but don’t want them to come at the cost of our planet. At Noise, we are firm believers that when you know better, you do better.

Design, sport, and the outdoors are at the heart of everything we do. When we don’t design, we’re grateful to spend most of our time in the ocean, in the mountains or in the fields. We surf, we hike, we ski, we climb and play sports with our friends. Protecting our natural playgrounds is at the core of our shared values and what allows us to create experiences that encourage people to get outdoors and experience the world actively.

We recently came across with other believers and real change-makers, trying to bring a positive impact within the surf industry. Nomads Surfing, a young eco-friendly surf company committed to ocean protection by using waste as much as they can. A brand based in Bordeaux, France, that is driven by circular economy principles to promote eco-responsible surfboard equipment as well as other upcycled products made from recycled plastic and old surfing materials.

Both Nomads Surfing and Noise Studio naturally connected with a common starting point: we are here to support products that bring change, that strengthen our connection with nature and are good for the people and the planet.

We’ve joined forces and co-created Change Comes in Waves, a series of inspiring messages to uncover the story behind the products that inspire us to surf for change. When you engage with the story behind the products, understand the source of the materials, the whole production process and its environmental footprint, you start realizing the power you have to make smarter decisions that again can bring a positive impact on people and our planet.

Surfing is a never-ending process of learning about nature, and we believe that the same goes for sustainable innovation and the actions we can take to reduce waste. What Nomads business model is teaching is that we can all rethink the way we see waste and learn new ways of reusing and recycling it to transform it into great surf products. And that we can all make more responsible and smarter choices on behalf of the environment.

Join #ChangeComesInWaves and follow Nomads Surfing on Instagram to keep up to date.

Together we can make a difference🤘🏻🌊!

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