“Thanks all!  I really appreciate the focus and drive to really grow WSL One Ocean.  The materials shared here are the best I have seen ever in the history of our work in this space.  Super thoughtful, integrated and measuring results!  LOVE IT.”
Emily Hofer, Chief People Officer & Purpose Officer

WSL One Ocean is a global initiative from World Surf League aimed at protecting the ocean to preserve the future of surfing for generations to come. Working in collaboration with WSL's non-profit partner, WSL PURE, WSL One Ocean engages fans and hosts event-based activations throughout the WSL Championship Tour season with local WSL PURE grantee organizations. WSL PURE funds ocean protection around the world through a grant program for grassroots nonprofits focused on WSL priorities of coastal restoration and conservation, eliminating plastic and taking climate action.

BRAND design: Santiago Roldan, motserrat llerena, victoria rojo, danny crossley
project manager: sophie offord

WSL's sustainable sub brand, We Are One Ocean, had recently rebranded as WSL One Ocean. They sought our assistance in launching a campaign that would effectively communicate their mission to protect the future of surfing through ocean conservation, while actively engaging their community.


We quickly recognised that WSL One Ocean needed to develop a comprehensive brand identity that retained a connection to WSL, while establishing a unique and distinct identity for themselves to own. We then delved into a deep understanding of the brand, the campaign project brief, and the target audience. Our aim was to reconnect WSL One Ocean with the existing audience while forging new connections. We generated a wide range of campaign concepts, including events, digital products, initiatives, and social media campaigns, all tailored to address the project brief.


Our solution, 'Speak Up For The Ocean,' centred around a powerful social media campaign. We asked our audience to record themselves engaging in actions that benefit the ocean, no matter how big or small, and share these videos with WSL One Ocean through their social media platforms. We received an overwhelming response with numerous videos showcasing beach clean-ups, community volunteering efforts, and various ways individuals were reducing their environmental footprint. Each month, we created a video compilation and selected an ‘Ocean Hero’, whose story we shared on the WSL One Ocean channel to amplify their voice and inspire others to protect our precious ocean. But our collaboration with WSL One Ocean didn't stop there. We continued managing their social media accounts for several months, producing exciting new content based on surf events, national sustainability days, and environmentally focused topics. We also designed a range of merchandise, including rash vests, flags, and t-shirts, which were used and sold at surf events throughout the year. This ongoing collaboration with WSL was based on shared values, a mutual love for surfing, nature, and the preservation of our oceans. What initially began as a campaign concept evolved into a comprehensive branding exercise, campaign execution, social media partnership, and brand rollout. When two companies align so perfectly in their values, the possibilities for creative collaboration are endless. Our partnership with WSL is a perfect example of this synergy.

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