“Noise have been so great! We love their creativity and they bring a structured yet flexible approach to working. The team really get the vision of our brand and are so enthusiastic in bringing it to life. We can’t wait to work more with them in the future and we can’t recommend them highly enough.”
Alex Higham, Founder

Exhale is a small business with big ambitions to promote health, sustainability and fairness in the coffee supply chain. To do this means taking a family mentality to work. Coffee with benefits. Grown for good health. Roasted to retain it. Brew to release it. Exhale is a team of dreamers, united on a mission to positively change the coffee world, forever.

Brand designer: Angeles roldan, SANTIAGO ROLDAN

Exhale already had the foundations of their branding, they just weren’t sure how to use it. They were struggling to find a unique look and feel that balanced their ‘earthy’ colour palette with custom illustrations that, if misused, could feel too childish. This was a unique challenge for Noise; to take an existing branding and push, pull, stretch and reimagine new elements in order to elevate the overall brand identity of Exhale.


We started with the company’s brand values (health, sustainability and positivity), and existing brand elements such as their illustrations and colour palette. First of all, we gave hierarchy to these elements which made space for us to create new complimentary designs. We then structured our thinking into rules and guidelines on how to combine colours and illustrations to reach a balance of earthiness and playfullness.


The key to success with the Exhale branding was unlocked when we divided the colour pallete into sub-color palletes, with guidelines on how to use them. By adding new graphic shapes to the brand system, we were able to play with elements and combine them to create exciting new worlds. We rolled this out across marketing material and merchandise which gave new meaning and rhythm to the the branding, and showed how flexible the new system could be for the Exhale team.

“It has been a pleasure to partner with Exhale Coffee. We love their mission and their values. Alex and Kisrty were amazing since the first meeting. Easy flow to work, and incredible vibes.”