“Noise Studio pushed us to go beyond our imagination of what's possible of how our product and brand can look like. Our surfing app has had a full redesign, a true example how user experience meets beauty. Furthermore Noise studio vamped up our website and  overall online appearance. They created the most stunning web pages with beautiful visuals, using motion and effects, parallax scrolling, etc., and besides all the beauty the site tells the Dawn Patrol story clear and efficient. Not only that, also because of our shared passion for the ocean, working with Noise is a perfect fit for us.”
Anton Bremer, Co-founder

Dawn Patrol is the ultimate surf app for your Apple Watch and phone. It's your go-to companion before hitting the waves. Check the surf conditions, then go out and shred. While you're out there catching waves, the app seamlessly tracks your surf data and sends it straight to your phone. Imagine having all the details at your fingertips—number of waves, top speed, distance paddled, and more. Stay stoked wherever you are with Dawn Patrol.

ux&ui, STRATEGY, BRANDING AND campaign
lead: Santiago Roldan
BRAND STRATEGy & visual design: santiago roldan, GEORGIA WATT, Victoria Rojo, Danny Crossley
brand and ux&ui design: Santiago Roldan
watch design: Santiago Roldan

Redesign the whole experience, capturing the essence of surfing through all their products and services. We wanted to evoke the stoke and excitement of riding waves, both in and out of the water whilst using the app, interacting with the brand and their website. Our goal was position Dawn Patrol as leaders within surf tracking and surf performance, and ultimately capture surfers of all levels to use the app and make them feel connected to the sport and between each other.


We embarked on an epic journey to completely revamp the surfing experience, infusing every aspect of Dawn Patrol products and services with the true essence of riding waves. Our mission? To ignite the stoke and thrill of surfing, whether you're shredding in the water or engaging with our app, brand, and website. Our ultimate aim was to establish Dawn Patrol as the frontrunners in surf tracking and performance, while fostering a deep sense of connection to the sport and among surfers of all levels. Get ready to dive in and ride the wave of unparalleled surf experiences!


Our big idea: "Stoked anytime, anywhere." With the Dawn Patrol app and campaign, we've brought the stoke of surfing beyond the water. Now users can relive their favorite moments and feel the thrill, even outside the lineup. With comprehensive performance analysis features, surfers can continually improve their skills and keep their stoke alive. Our attention to detail and deep understanding of the surfing lifestyle ensure that every interaction with the app and brand evokes the same stoke we experience when surfing. Get ready for an unmatched fusion of technology and passion that keeps the stoke burning, wherever you are.

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