We're a small creative agency - basically a bunch of sporty, passionate people - that one day though “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could design and brand other sports organization, we would all learn a lot, meet some cool people and have a great time doing it.” And that’s what we are up to today!


Before we create anything, we start by getting to know you. We want to gather as much information we can, then we translate this knowledge into great design. Through creative workshops, strategic research and offline work, it’s all about getting to the bottom of what problem we are actually solving, the user we are solving it for and the business goal we are trying to achieve.


· Creative workshops

· Exercises and analysis

· Online and offline research


· High level project plan and roadmap

· Product brief & strategy

*Deliverable vary depending on the type of project

We are always working on cool new stuff.
If you’d like us to email you once in awhile, stick your address here.



+45 3110 4263


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